Second Time Around

  There is nothing more unique than Southern culture, and it almost always includes quilts handed down from gran, great grand, or even great great grandmothers!  We love these pieces of our history and the memories they invoke, but many times they have been so lovingly used that they are past the point of being repaired.  So then the question--what to do with these harbingers of our past?? Occasionally, when these quilts match our current decor, they are displayed as vivid reminders.  But all too often, they are relegated to drawers, closets, cedar chests, or the local thrift stores and garage sales!
     Having always been a lover of quilts, I decided there must be a way to preserve discarded quilts in a different way.  Thus, Second Time Around quilting was born as a way to literally give these quilts a new (second) life that could and would give joy to people.  And every piece is totally unique!
     Each item is lovingly created giving thanks for the hands that originally made the quilt and for the many people to which it gave warmth and comfort. And the same is offered to everyone who chooses one of these unique pieces--whether for yourself or a friend, I pray your chosen piece will give much joy!

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