Laurie Parker

Laurie Parker has written another novel! Yonder Breaks the Morning is a refreshingly original southern story, a tribute to our precious and dwindling population of WWII veterans, a touching Christmas tale, and most of all, a poignant account that reminds us that beneath the seemingly mundane there is something forever mysterious and miraculous, and people from different walks of life and generations are sometimes more linked than they realize. Fans of Parker’s The Turtle Saver will appreciate what she has crafted in prose with this one—a heartwarming, Deep South version of It’s A Wonderful Life that will have readers smiling AND reaching for the tissue box!

The Grove, The Square, City Grocery, The Hoka, The Warehouse, The Beacon, Rebel Deli, Kiamie’s Bowling Alley, Neilson’s, Duvall’s, Mistilis, Yerk’s, Thacker Mountain, Taylor Grocery, Double Decker Festival, The Mansion Restaurant, Larson’s Big Star, Honey Bee Bakery, Camp Lake Stephens, Yocona River Inn, Avent Hills Park, Peabody Hall, McEwen’s, Sardis Lake. are just a few of the fun references that folks from Oxford and those who attended Ole Miss will appreciate!

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