Whimsical Lights

We make custom lights using a poly vinyl and we make them into about 12 different shapes and 3 different sizes. The lights can be made using any or all of 14 different colors which include white, gray, black, navy, dark blue, light blue, teal(aqua), green, purple, pink, yellow, maroon, red, and orange. You pick the size, small, medium, or large and then the shape and then the colors, then we make the lights for you. The prices start at 25 bucks for a small, 30 bucks for a medium, and 35 bucks for the large. The light only takes about 5 mins to make and it comes with a cord that is 12 feet long and your choice of a light bulb. You can pick either a white flourescent swirly bulb or an LED bulb. The LED bulb comes with a remote control that changes 16 different colors depending on what color you light. It also dims and brightens and turns the light off and on and will cycle through the colors or strobe, sure to be a crowd pleaser. The LED light just adds $15 dollars to which ever size you choose. The light can go inside or outside in many different settings. Kids love them in their room hanging from a hook. Adults love them inside over a table or outside on a cover porch or deck or pergola. They are also used a lot for camping and for RVs. Please go to our website so you can see the many shapes we can make and the dimensions of each one in small, medium, or large. These lights are great for events or weddings also. We even have a large column that stands up in a room(please see pictures).

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